Content marketing copy for IT and telecom projects.

Next up. The Roger Day Studio works with marketers to create a tech telco sector sales funnel ...

We’ve got a lot of experience in creating blog posts and other content that will give your site relevance and authority. For example, we can implement search-friendly Wordpress blogs.

In addition to blogs we can use other web assets - particularly YouTube and Slideshare - to promote traffic to your site. It’s the first step in developing a profitable sales funnel.

Google ranks sites by relevance and authority. Relevance is down to content and keywords. Authority depends on how good your content is, so people link to it and share it.

We write copy for people first. After all, it’s people who are your customers. But we also aim to make your message Google-friendly, so you meet more potential customers.

We help you to get discovered.

Leveraging a keyword strategy.

iJento of New York is a leader in multichannel analytics, competing with firms like Adobe and IBM. It’s a complex concept to explain, but Roger managed to make our product message and customer stories both easy to understand and interesting. Roger is a valuable part of our marketing strategy.”

Peter Ryan

CEO / iJento Analytics

Customer story:

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