Customer story:

"We were in the process of renewing our corporate website. We already had the site structure and lots of communication material, but needed to join all this together into an appealing  web site. Thanks to Roger for doing a great job of synthesizing our pitch into a multi-faceted homepage story."

Karan Malkani

Chief Technology & Information Officer

Copywriting specialists for information technology marketing.

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In the global market we know that a lot of your audience will speak English as a second language, or will be used to American spellings and phrasing. So we write in 'International English'.

We create our messages so they can be understood by people all over the world. From our office in France, we’re used to working with the global business community.

A big part of copywriting is to make technical products and services understandable. We have a lot of experience in taking complex subjects and presenting the benefits clearly.

But we go a step further and really engage your readers by making stories creative, interesting and compelling. Adding personality to your messages brings your brand to life.

Imaginative, engaging copywriting.

International English, global marketing.