Customer story:


"Intellicore is a French developer of award-winning  iOS apps, iBeacon software and second-screen solutions for broadcasters. Roger helps us articulate our product message for the international market with landing pages, blog posts and presentations. He creates great stories for our products.”

Nicolas Martiquet

CIO / Intellicore Software

Sales funnel copywriting for the tech sector.

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As your copywriting partner, our job does not end when you make the sale. Quality content and corporate storytelling can extend your relationship with customers and increase their lifetime value.

We do more than write copy. We think carefully about how words can help you to find, convert and retain new customers. Our goal is to use content to give you a competitive edge.

A major goal of most sales funnels is to encourage newsletter signups. We can create items like free white paper reports and landing pages which promote newsletter registrations.

We can also manage your newsletter list and create regular content. A newsletter presents your company as thought leaders and provides a low-cost way to engage with people.

Increase sales with newsletters.

Build loyalty with quality content.